Poetry by Ahmed Faraz

poetry by Ahmed Faraz

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Poetry by Ahmed Faraz:

Ahmed Faraz is considered a great poet of the twentieth century. As far as his real name is concerned, he is known as Syed Ahmed Shah. Ahmed Faraz was born on January 12, 1931. Ahmed Faraz is one of the most famous and influential Urdu poets in Pakistan and all over the world. 

He studies Urdu and Persian at Peshawar University. After the completion of his studies, he became a lecturer at the same university. Primarily he wanted to join the Pakistan Air Force and later he switched towards poetry because he was a born poet and could express his feelings and emotions in words.

Faraz was a poet, scriptwriter, and prominent poet among his peers. Not only in the public of Pakistan but in the masses of India, he very noted poet. His personality is also ideal and impressive for the immigrants residing outside the subcontinent.

Owing to his particular writing style his poetry is also compared with Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Hilal e Imtiaz and Sitara e Imtiaz were awarded to him for his up-to-mark performance in the field of poetry and the Hilal e Pakistan title was also awarded to him after his death by the Government of Pakistan. 

His poetry is very popular among common people due to his themes of sadness. It is also the uniqueness of his poetry that it is very easy to read and understand. No doubt he wrote a great deal on Ghazal and Nazam. In current days his poetry is popular on social media and other forums of the Internet. 

His followers easily download his two lines of poetry and share them and Whatsapp and Facebook statuses are also made using the above-mentioned poetry. In recent times, Ahmed Faraz has held a distinctive position as one of the finest poets of his era. In a Mushaira, he criticized the military rule and he was punished and sent to jail.

List of Famous Poetry:

  • Hamdard
  • Sawal
  • Takhleeq
  • Kaneez
  • Eid Car

Famous Proses are written by Ahmed Faraz:

“Ab Us Ke Shehar Mein Thahre Ke Kooch Kar Jaaye
‘Faraz’ Aao Sitare Safar Ke Dekhte Hain”
(This prose is taken from the poem “Suna Hai Log Use Aankh Bhar Ke Dekhte Hain”)

“Ab Tak Dil E Khush Fehm Ko Hain Tujh Se Umeedein
Ye Akhri Shammain Bhi Bhujanay K Liay Aa”
(This prose is taken from the poem “Ranjish Hi Sahi Dil Hi Dukhane Ke Liye Aa”)

“Hosh Aaya To Sabhi Khwab The Reza Reza
Jaise Urtay Huye Auraq-e-Pareshan Janan”

Ahmed Faraz’s Urud Poetical Work:

As a college student, he wrote a Ghazal and started his poetical career. Faraz is an Urdu poet and his poetical work is admirable. In his era, he is regarded as an enormous modern Urdu poet. In his poems, Faraz is his pen name. 

He is also a very popular poet among moviemakers and musicians. His poetry is used in songs and several singers like Mehdi Hassan, Madam Noor Jahan, Ghulam Ali, and Jagjit Singh are proud when they sing his Ghazals and Poetry in his programs.

Resistance and Romance are two basic themes of Ahmed Faraz’s Poetry. He raised his voice through his writing, lectures, and public speaking for a cause. 

The credit for writing Sab Awazein Meri, Ghazal Bhana Karun, and Khuwab Gul goes to Ahmed Faraz. There is a reasonable number of people who download, read, and understand his poetry and his point of view. 

Most people compare Faraz’s poetry with Faiz Ahmed Faiz as he has a good position among the Urdu poets in Pakistan and Asia. Owing to his unique writing style the graph of his poetry’s reader is always high. The main subjects of his poetry are romance, resistance, and nature. 

He gave a new trend to Urdu poetry with his matchless skill. He knew well how someone’s emotions can be enhanced and expressed in poetry. His famous poetic work Mat Qatal Karo Awazoun Ko is a masterpiece of his work. The first of his publications is his work Tanha Tanha published in 1958.  For his work Dard Ashoob, was recognized well among those who were working for a liberal socio-economic system. 

In his poetical work, he also expressed his feelings about law and politics. He narrated his point of view in poetry about the themes of love, pain, and romanticism. Ahmed Faraz’s poetry is also available in English because prominent and very senior professors have translated his work.

Ahmed Faraz’s poetry includes the themes of beauty and love which make his poetry prominent among his contemporaries. Due to deep thoughts a large number of his readers and fans like his work. Furthermore, there is also a huge number of fans following Ahmed Faraz who read and like his masterpieces. His themes made him a legendary character in his era. 

Ahmed Faraz Two Lines Poetry:

There is a large number of Ahmed Faraz’s two-line poetry which has brought a remarkable number of fan following due to its nature and simple wording of writing. There is also a uniqueness of Faraz’s two lines of poetry because they give a profound message that is only understood by his fans and lovers.  

Ahmed Faraz’s Political Activities:

During the reign of General Zia Ul Haq, he wrote many poems and verses defying his political ambitions. He also criticized military law and expressed his feelings and political emotions in poetic work. Consequently, he went to have a sefl exile following his arrest. Before coming back to Pakistan, he had to stay for a long period of six years in Britain, Canada, and Europe. 

Ahmed Faraz’s Famous Quotes:

There are several famous quotes written by legendary poet Ahmed Faraz and some of them are shared below;

“Aqal k andhoun mein chup hai Faraz”

“Zamany K sawaloun ko mein hans k taal doun Faraz”

Ahmed Faraz Awards:

He was awarded national-level awards and he was also appointed as Chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters. Later he was also appointed as an Islamabad-based National Book Foundation Chairperson. 

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