Poetry by Wasi Shah

Poetry by Wasi Shah

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Basic information about Syed Wasi Shah:

Syed Wasi Shah was born in Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan on January 21, 1973. He is the most eminent anchor, playwright, columnist, writer, and poet. He has written several poems and is a well-known poet. In the field of Literature, Wasi Shah is an important figure. For our leading national newspaper, he writes. In addition, he also writes for Urdu Point. He is a regular journalist and his regular column publishes.

Wasi Shah’s Career:

First of all, Wasi Shah was introduced to Abbas Tabish’s literary circles. After fixing its flaws, Abbas intended to publish it. Wasi Shah worked on this book and he thought that this book would appeal to the youth and he proved true.

The district administration of the city of Gujrat held a big symposium on the same days. Wasi Shah was the young poet whose name was added to this symposium. To recite his poetry at such a big symposium, was probably a first-time event for Wasi Shah.

Soon after the symposium, PTV aired a lively scripted drama that preserved Urdu language poetry by any past drama. The young poet Wasi Shah not only wrote this play but also acted this play. The name of that drama was “Ahan”. He also wrote the story and dialogue in the drama were so charming and appealing that after the end of the play, every single boy started reciting the poem, “Kangan”. 

This poem got so much popularity and this poem made Wasi Shah a sensation overnight. At that time, PTV was the only channel available. He paved the path for the spread of the Urdu language in the whole world.

Biography Of Wasi Shah’s:

He gave some marvels on the TV by allowing his viewers to enjoy some of his best plays. For his good performance, he was nominated as the best playwriter. Furthermore, he transformed his career into a different shape by playing his role as a host of Siyasi Theatre on Television.

With the help of Wasi Shah’s poetry, readers express their inner emotions. Wasi Shah’s poetry is prevalent among those who read and love poetry. One can download 2 lines and 4 lines of Wasi Shah’s poetry easily from the internet and enjoy it.  One easily can share it with their loved ones and also can share it with ease. Until now many books have been written on the subject of wasi shah poetry. The readers of Wasi Shah’s poetry are lucky that they can read it in Urdu as well as in English.

For his romantic poetry, Wasi Shah is a very famous poet among the young generation. He is a Pakistani Urdu poet. He also works as a columnist, dramatist, and anchor and is from Sargodha. In the beginning, he worked as an actor in his scripted drama serials. After that, he realized that he was a lover of poetry and so he pursued his career in poetry.

Wasi Shah Famous Poet:

There is patience and depth in his personality. He is a humble man who loves and respects all. In this advanced time, when there is the age of social media the relationship between social media and the masses has been weakened. In said scenario, the development of poetry is one of the best virtues of the Urdu Language. Most people avoid reading Urdu poetry because according to them, the Urdu language is dense but they people like Wasi Shah’s Urdu poetry with great zeal. 

Wasi Shah has a special position in the world of romantic poetry. In the present generation of Young Pakistani poets, he is the most recognizable name. His poetry leaves sadness in its readers and certainly, his poetic words are very deep. His poetry is very simple to understand because even a layman can easily read and understand it. Wasi Shah’s poetry is also heart-touching. His poetic work possesses the gestures of modern love. 

That’s why Pakistani youth admire his poetic work. He has written three notable books of poetry namely Aankhein Bheeg Jati Hain, Mery Ho Ke Raho, and Mujhe Sandal Kardo. 2 Lines poetry of Wasi Shah is very well understood. The plays written by Wasi Shah have gained popularity in masses Babul, Eik Tamanna La Hasil si, and Thori si Jaga chahye are his famous masterpieces and he has been nominated as the best drama writer. 

  • He also worked as an anchor on the talk shows. He also writes columns. 

Wasi Shah Poetry in Urdu:

For people who enjoy, read, and are interested in the poetry of Wasi Shah, there is a great deal for them. With the help of Ghazals and verses the readers can enjoy Wasi Shah in Urdu. One can also express one’s inner feelings throughout his poetry. No doubt his poetry has a heart-touching simplicity.

It is very easy to understand the 2 lines of poetry of Wasi Shah. It is known for the documents such as Babul and Thorhi Si Jaga Chahye. He was also nominated for writing the best drama. 

Wasi Shah Poetry:

  • Mere Mola
  • Abhe Kuch Bh Nahe Bdla
  • Adhi Rat Key Sanaatay Mein
  • Uske Ankhoon Mein Muhabbat Ka Sitaraa Ho Ga
  • Mujhe Har Kaam Sey Pehle
  • Tb Yad Bht Tm Ati Ho
  • Tmhain Janan Ijaazat Hei

Wasi Shah’s Famous Works:

Owing to his heart-touching poetry, Wasi Shah gained popularity among the masses. Some of his famous works are as under.

  • Ishq
  • Mohabbatein
  • Interzaar
  • Dard e Tanhai
  • Wafa
  • Ranjish
  • Mein tu Us Ka hon

After the completion of the mentioned works, he earned a good reputation among lovers of poetry in Pakistan and around the world as a master of Urdu Poetry.

To sum up Wasi Shah we can state that he is a well-known writer and poet. No doubt he is famous for his emotional and romantic Urdu Poetry in the Urdu language. The enthusiasts of poetry love and read his works in Pakistan and around the world. It is a reality that the effect of his work on poetry and culture will endure for several coming decades.

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